This year we’ll launch a nourishing body lotion and body bar.

Our absolute ‘Hero’ ingredient is illipe butter. It has a nourishing effect and makes your skin feel supersoft.

And did you know illipe butter is wild harvested from the rainforest in Borneo?

Without harming the forest and while preserving the existing forest.

Illipe Skin Bar

Our first product is our illipe skin bar. It works the same as a body lotion for your skin, but in stick form. We have used a very high percentage of nourishing illipe butter, causing the product to be solid at room temperature, yet it still melts when applied to your skin.

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Illipe bodycream

Our illipe body cream can be applied all day, every day. It is a fine mixture of natural ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, kukui nut oil and of course illipe butter, with a fresh grapefruit fragrance that will energize you throughout the day!

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