Hi! We are FAT FOREST. A start-up in the field of natural skin care products. Our products are made using the fat from the illipe nut. That makes your skin supersoft. And the fattest thing about this: these illipe nuts are just there for the taking.

That way, we help to protect the rainforest in Indonesian Borneo. Since the local inhabitants earn an income from harvesting these illipe nuts, they don’t have to sell their land and can keep protecting the forest. That way, our body cream and skin bar do not only make your skin super soft, but they also stop deforestation.

Oh, and of course our products are 100% natural, palmoil free, microplastics free and never tested on animals.

Interested to try our products? Then you have to be patient for a tiny little longer. Soon our crowdfunding will go live and you can place a pre-order for your body cream or skin bar. Leave your email address, then we keep you updated!